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Separation Anxiety and Your Cat

If you’ve got a cat, you may have noticed that your cat doesn’t like to be alone. Some cats will cry out as you leave the house, destroy furniture when alone, knock things over, and generally are unhappy alone. These cats are often the only pet in the house.

Obviously, no one can be home all the time with their pet. One solution may be to get another cat for company to your first cat. It may be far less stressful for your pet when you are not there if they have a companion that is there with it all day. Some cats may seem to not like another cat at first, but after a period of socialization, they often become inseparable. Even if they don’t become best buddies, they will often feel less lonely with another cat around. It’s really not much more work to care for two cats than it is caring for one cat and the benefits can outweigh the extra time it takes to care for another cat.

If getting another cat to keep them company is not an option, the next best thing is to create a comfortable area for your cat when they are alone. Give them toys to keep them occupied as well as their favorite cat bed or blanket to lay on. You can also leave a radio on for them so that they hear a human voice. This can be comforting to them and make them feel less lonely. Make sure that you give them a lot of affection when you return. This makes them feel less anxious the next time you leave.

If you have a cat that is destructive when you leave, prepare a room for them to stay in while you’re not there. You should have toys, catnip, cat bed or blanket, food and water there for them and don’t forget to let them out when you return home. Make sure it is a room that doesn’t have things in it that they can destroy.

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