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Litter Training and Your Cat

Cats are generally clean animals and instinctively want to “go” where they can bury it. The cat litter box filled with litter provides an area where the can bury their waste. Most cats quickly adapt to litter box use if you follow a few guidelines on litter box management.

The litter box should be placed in a clean, quiet location that is easily accessible to the cat. Do not place it in high traffic areas and keep the litter box away from children and other animals in the house. Below are some tips for successful litter training.

    • First thing to do is to show your cat where the litter box is. Place your cat in the box. She will sniff around. You can rake your fingers through the litter to show your cat what to do with it.

    • If you have a multi-cat household, you might want to have more than one litter box. Some cats are territorial about their litter boxes and cats generally don’t like to use the same area as other cats to eliminate.

    • Cats like a clean litter box. Scoop the waste out daily and change the litter completely at least once a week. A solution of water and vinegar will help to eliminate odor when cleaning the litter box. Baking soda added to the litter will also help to eliminate cat box odor. Pour about an inch and a half of clean litter into the box when changing the litter.

    • Keep the litter box away from your cat’s food and water bowls. Cats don’t like to eliminate close to where they eat.

    • If your cat does have an accident, clean the area immediately with a solution of white vinegar and water (half water and half vinegar). You can also use the commercial cat urine neutralizers sold in pet stores. This will help to prevent your cat from returning to that area to eliminate.

    • Do not use punishment when litter training your cat. Just firmly say “no” if they have an accident and place the cat in the litter box and praise her.

    • Cats digest food very quickly, so place your cat in the litter box a few minutes after a feeding.

Once a cat discovers they can bury their waste, they will quickly become acclimated to using the litter box.

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