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Excessive Meowing: What Should You Do?

Excessive Meowing: What Should You Do?

cat meowing

Some cats are very quiet, and others, well not so much. They meow and they meow loudly and frequently, seemingly for no apparent reason. All cats meow, but some are a lot louder and meow more frequently than others. Some individual cats as well as some breeds are just more vocal than others. While Maine Coons and Persian cats are generally a quieter cat, the Orientals are well known for being loud mouths. So if your Persian suddenly starts meowing a lot, it may be reacting to a problem that needs to be attended to, while it is par for the course for a Siamese to be vocal.

The first thing you need to determine is whether or not there is a legitimate reason for your cat’s excessive meowing. The way that a cat will communicate to you that they are in discomfort is by meowing, so you should always investigate thoroughly before assuming that you just have a loud mouth cat. You can do this by running your hands along it’s body, looking for signs of discomfort as you touch different areas. Take a look inside their mouth, their ears, eyes, and look for any signs of infection or pain. Make sure their claws are trimmed. Untrimmed claws can grow so long as to become painful. If there’s any doubt at all about your cat’s health and comfort, take them to a veterinarian to make sure nothing is wrong.

If you find there are no health problems, the meowing is probably a behavior issue. They may be seeking extra attention. They may be hungry, bored, or just want to sit on your lap and get attention. There are two ways to deal with this behavior. You can give in to them and have a very spoiled cat that will continue to meow excessively because they know they will get attention, or you can ignore it. If they persist, you can put them in a room with some toys and their cat bed or blanket until they calm down. You need to be firm and consistent in your response when correcting undesired behavior.

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