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Training a Cat: Timing is Important

When you want your cat to behave in a sane, reasonable manner it is only right to teach it good behavior, and to give it the kind if conditions that allow it to feel loved and feel love in return – this way, it is a lot less likely to react to things in a hostile manner. However, you do have to pick your moment with a cat, because trying to get the best response depends inherently on having the best conditions in which to train.

For one thing, it is a very bad idea to try to train a cat which has until very recently been sleeping. Picking a cat up from its basket or its favorite spot in order to train it is unlikely to get you good results. You’ll be trying to get the cat to understand commands and respond to them in the right way, and it will merely be looking back to the warm spot it has just vacated through no choice of its own and hoping very much that it can go back soon, please.

Training a cat when it has just eaten is also something that should be avoided as far as possible. You are just less likely to get a good response from a cat who sees no real reason to co-operate. If there is just the edge of hunger a cat will be more attentive, very much in the hope that it will get some food, but if it has just eaten then all it will want to do is curl up and have a nap.

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Can You Really Train a Cat?

In the never-ending debate over cats and dogs, a theory frequently advanced by the dog fraternity is that cats are impossible to train, and for this reason dogs are better per se. The attitude is that, because you can find guide dogs and sniffer dogs, while there are no cats employed in these sectors, that dogs are inherently more intelligent and more amenable to training. However, it is nothing more than invention to say that cats are too stupid to be trained, or so independent that they will not respond to training.

It is certainly possible to train a cat to a certain extent. Though the make-up of their character may be such that they will not ever become guide or sniffer animals, they are far from stupid and they can be trained. All that it requires is a modicum of patience and a firm hand. Oh, and some treats may be useful as well. Cats, like dogs – and even humans – will respond better to any kind of training if their performance within that training is suitably rewarded.

In fact, it is precisely because cats are not stupid that it is possible to train them. In the same way as human beings and indeed dogs, if you create the connection in a cat’s mind and instincts between good behavior and good reward, they will naturally behave better. Also like humans and dogs, cats have different levels of taking to training. This means that you need to persist, even if it seems that it’s never going to take.

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