30′ Vinyl-coated Steel Bulldog Cable — Lets your pet roam freely as you enjoy campsite – Portable, outdoor tie out leash – All-weather outdoor leash – Long-lasting clamp doesn’t rust or snap


HEAVY DUTY VINYL COVERED CABLE — The sturdy galvanized steel cable used in the SunGrow Dog Tie Out is covered in protective vinyl, guarding it from kinks, rain and rust.
VERSATILITY IN PLACEMENT — The all-weather bulldog cable easily connects to a secure stake in the ground, nearby fence pole or tree. For added versatility and more movement for your pet, clip the tie out cable to an overhead trolley system.
CABLE ENDS PROTECTED FROM RAIN, SNOW AND OTHER NATURAL ELEMENTS — The rust-resistant crimp covers on the bulldog leash protects the cable ends from weakening due to rain, snow and other uncontrollable weather conditions.

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