6 Pack Bundle of Hand Picked Premium Dog Rope Chew Toys, Promotes Healthy Chewing while Keeping Your Petz Occupied and Entertained, Best for Small to Medium Dogs. Great for Teething Puppies

Six Premium Hand-Picked Rope Toys for Small and Medium Dogs: If you’re a true dog lover, then you probably know that there is nothing like spending time with your pet(s). Our bundle of toys will allow for maximum play time and enjoyment for you and your pet. These toys promote healthy interaction and stimulation for a better bonding experience.
Destructive Chewing: Our dog rope toys will keep you and your pet(s) entertained while preventing destructive chewing behaviors. Dogs like to chew out of curiosity stress, boredom or to stimulate teething. If your dog has a wide range of chew toys to choose from he/she will be less likely to chew on furniture or shoes.
Dental Health: Improves your dog’s dental health by cleaning their teeth, massaging gums, reducing plaque build-up, as well as preventing gum disease. When soaked in water rope chew toys can be soothing for teething pups.

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