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Choosing your Tropical Fish: What to Look for

If you’ve ever been to an aquarium, then you know that there are thousands of species of fish in the world. Tropical fish come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Which ones will you use to outfit your aquarium?

They are all so beautiful but all fish are not for your tank. You have to be discerning about the fish you put together. Here are a few tips to help you choose just the right mix.

Know your fish – Your fish tank will be a work of art through living colors. But, each fish is different just like other pet species have different temperaments. Books about fish can give you insight on what types of fish are delicate, hearty, saltwater fish or freshwater fish. Now, when you go to the pet store you are knowledgeable about the types of fish that you want for your home.

How healthy are the fish? – Buying fish, especially tropical fish, is an investment. As such, going to a reputable fish breeder or pet store is best. These individuals have the knowledge you need to make the right choices for your aquarium. What do you look for? If fish have any discolorations outside of their normal pigmentation, don’t buy them. Fish that have white spots are probably sick. Fish that seem to be attacking or quite aggressive to other fish in the tank will almost certainly do the same to other fish in your tank.

Saltwater or freshwater – We touched on this a bit but will go more in depth here. Freshwater fish are less expensive. You can get started with fish keeping for less. Saltwater fish cost more and are more labor-intensive when it comes to maintenance. Keeping the temperature, salinity, pH and bacteria levels at a proper level takes constant monitoring in a saltwater environment. Freshwater fish may be heartier and withstand conditions that other fish can’t deal with.

Fish size – Tropical fish come in many sizes. They may start out about an inch long but fish grow just like any other animal species. They may be small and cute now but will grow to be large and cute later. One problem with a tropical aquarium is too many fish for the size of the tank. Buy your fish keeping in mind how big they will get. In this case, less is more.

Fish food – All fish don’t eat pellets. Some like heartier food like worms. New fish (fry) have their own special diet until they are old enough to eat what you feed the rest of your fish. If you don’t want the food to ruin your budget so choose fish with simple tastes.

Before you invest in tropical fish, know what to look for when choosing a species.

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